From deep space communications, to homeland defense, to military communications, the government sector demands top performance from its communications systems. Potential applications of Astrapi’s technology include:
Low Power for Low Probability of Signal Detection and Anti Jamming. Spiral-based signals can operate at a very low signal- to-noise ratio. This assists both with anti-jamming applications, and with hiding the existence of a signal by dropping the signal power below the background noise.
High Throughput for the Next Generation Communications Networks. Spiral-based signals permit much higher throughput rates than traditional signals and are more resistant to rain fade. Next generation networks require high-speed video, data, and voice streams from manned and unmanned platforms to achieve battlefield superiority.
Spiral Modulation Support for Deep Space Communications. Because spiral-based signals can be received at very low power levels, there is great potential for deep space missions. Signals can be received at greater distances with smaller investments in earth antennae, or the power systems on spacecraft could be reduced, improving spacecraft performance.

We offer our capabilities as a prime contractor and as a subcontractor. For more information, contact our government sector managers.

Terrestrial Microwave

Terrestrial microwave is a critical tool in wireless communications. Used for cellular backhaul, machine-to-machine communications, and wireless internet connectivity, the demand for microwave links has never been greater. Users are demanding fiber optic speeds using these wireless links. Equipment manufacturers have responded with increasing throughput rates, often by increasing the size of the symbol set with some systems reaching 2048 QAM or above.

Additional significant spectral efficiency breakthroughs using techniques such as increasing the symbol set will be difficult to achieve. Astrapi’s spiral modulation offers the promise of dramatic increases in spectral efficiency as demanded by the market.

Contact Astrapi® to see how our technology can transform the capabilities of your microwave products. Our simulation models can demonstrate the impact of our technology on your system. Our engineers can help optimize our technology on your platform.

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