Who Choose Us?

Astrapi® provides a full set of engineering services to support the design and implementation of spiral-based signal modulation communication systems. As the pioneer and world leader in this field, we have a level of expertise that no one else has. And we have the only complete software environment designed specifically for designing and testing spiral-based communication systems.

Astrapi provides IP licenses for use of its spiral modulation technology, use of spiral modulation in R&D environments, and for commercial use.

Engineering and Consulting Services

Spiral-Based Waveform Design. Thousands of papers have been written on traditional periodic signal modulation. Non-periodic spiral-based signal modulation is much more powerful, but also much more subtle, and very little of the key research has yet been published. Astrapi® is the only company with deep expertise in this area, and we can help you to design a system tailored to your needs. In addition to our pioneering knowledge of the field, we are unique in having software tools specifically created to support spiral-based signal modulation design.
Simulation Modeling. Because of the large number of variables used to create spiral-based symbols, symbol definition is a complex task. Astrapi has developed a simulation model built in a MathWorks® MATLAB® and Simulink® environment. Called the cCc Modulation Design Toolkit (CMDT), this simulation software produces and models spiral-based waveform designs.
Engineering Support. Spiral based signals are non-periodic, and do not behave like periodic waveforms. Astrapi is the world leader in developing and understanding the characteristics of these waveforms. Our engineers can support your team with the knowledge-base to integrate spiral signals into your system design.

IP Licensing

Astrapi® provides IP licenses for use of its spiral modulation technology.

R&D Licensing. Astrapi provides licenses for use of spiral modulation in a test environment under special research terms.

Commercial Licensing. Licenses are available for the manufacture, distribution, and sale of products using Astrapi’s spiral modulation technology.

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