Astrapi Corporation Closes Funding Round

Astrapi closes convertible note with lead investor Ascend Venture Capital

Dallas, TX (December 12, 2018)

Astrapi Corporation is pleased to announce that Ascend Venture Capital is the lead investor in Astrapi’s most recent round of funding. Astrapi is the first investment out of Ascend’s second fund, Ascension II, LP.

“I’m tremendously excited about the opportunity to partner in Astrapi’s growth,” said Dan Conner, general partner at Ascend. “The company is commercializing a transformative technology that offers a rare step-change in the advancement of signal performance, including data throughput. I’m thrilled to be playing a part in enabling the Astrapi team to realize their full potential and to partner in their growth.”

Astrapi has now transitioned their proprietary and patented Spiral Modulation (SM) into a Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform and is testing and optimizing the results. Astrapi’s technique involves translating communication signals represented as polynomials into sinusoids with continuously varying amplitude. Instantaneous Spectral Analysis (ISA) breaks sharply from current practice, exploiting a continuously nonstationary spectrum to allow for a dramatic reduction in the range of frequencies necessary to transmit a signal amplitude sequence. SM potentially provides multiple advantages compared to standard communications, derived from higher spectral efficiency, including: reduced signal power; reduced bandwidth; higher data rates; lower latency; and greater resistance to interference and jamming.

“We are extremely excited to bring Ascend into the Astrapi family”, said Dr. Jerrold Prothero, Astrapi Founder and CEO, “particularly given Ascend’s focus on breakthrough technologies. Our ISA technology directly addresses multiple defense and commercial applications for communication networks that are bandwidth and power constrained, and susceptible to increasing amounts of signal interference. All of these problems are addressable based upon how Astrapi technology uniquely utilizes the waveform design space.”

ABOUT Astrapi Corporation
Astrapi is the pioneer of spiral-based signal modulation, which opens an unexplored area for innovation at the core of telecommunications. Based on a generalization of Euler’s formula, the foundational mathematics for telecom, Astrapi provides fundamentally new ways to design the symbol waveforms used to encode digital transmissions. By applying new mathematics to signal modulation, Astrapi is able to improve the trade-off between the four fundamental parameters in telecommunications: bandwidth, signal power, data throughput, and error rate. The resulting efficiency translates into higher spectral performance with more bits available at a lower cost.

ABOUT Ascend Venture Capital
Ascend Venture Capital touts itself as an investor in the future states of industries by focusing on new marketplaces, programmatic decision-making processes, and science that pushes the boundaries between fiction and reality.

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